The Hunted Island

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There was an island that had a big mountain that was shaped like a skull. There was three people were paid $3.000.000. They people were 2 boys and 1 girl. Their names were Jeff, Mike and Alisha. They went to the dock and the boat was waiting for them. When they arrived at the island, Mike asked the boat driver how long they had to stay there. He said, “for five days.” Jeff said, “what? I was hoping we only had to stay for two days.” Alisha said, “I don’t think I can last that long.”

“You three will be testing your strenght and wisdom on the woods,” the boat driver said. “See you in five days.”

The three people were looking for a spot to make camp. They found a spot right next to the ocean. There was a note in mike’s pocket. The note read, “I would be prepared because there are ghosts, demons, and zombies on this island. Please be careful because you never know what will happen. In the bag I gave you there are guns and all the other things you will need. Good Luck. Signed Sir Willain, III”

Jeff said, “OK, can things get any worse?” “They just did!” Mike replied. Alisha screamed, “get the guns! Thre’s a zombie!” Then Alisha yelled, “there a person alive ahhh! She bit me.” “Kill her” Mike demanded.. Jeff siad, “OK” Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! “She’s dead.”

They got ready to go to bed and put on the shield so no more zombies would come in. When Alisha woke up at 3:30 she saw a ghost starting at her straight in the eyes. When she blinked the ghost had dissapeared. Then she went back to sleep. In the morning she told Mike and Jeff all about the ghost.

Jeff asked Alisha if she could go get fire wood. She said she could and brought a hand gun with her in case she needed it. While she was out collecting wood, a demon {arrived} and she shot it, but it was still alive. Then Jeff and Mike came with their guns just in time. When Alisha ran out of the bushes, they started to shoot the demon. It finally died and Alisha went to look for wood. When she returned, she saw Mike and Jeff shooting zombies. She asked for amo and she started to shoot them too. One of them bit her again. She shot its head off. After that they were all gone. When it was time for bed they noticed that Jeff was gone. They went to go look for him but they got tired so they gave up and went to sleep.

The next day Alisha was pale and she said that she was unable to see goo. Little did she know she was starting to die. She left to look for Jeff and so did Mike.

Mike found Jeff but he had gotten bitten during the night. Alisha got back she was not herself. She turned into a zombie this happened she got bit by one of them. Jeff shot her when she tried to bite Mike.

After supper Mike and Jeff went to bed. On the last day the boat driver was coming to pick them up Jeff started to feel the same way Alisha had before she became a zombie. In the note that had been left to them, it said, “P.S. if you get bitten by a zombie there is an antidote in the needles.” When Mike read this he gave the needle to Jeff and Jeff started to get better. They waited for six hours for the boat driver to come. They had seen the boat but just as they were going to get on it a demon took Mike and put its horn through his arm. When Mike and Jeff finally got on the boat they left and never saw the island again.

The End

Jennie Engleheart
Grade 7

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