This is why you should never go out at midnight!!

One day on Oct. 31, 2002 me and Justine were out at around 11:00, Justine and I were looking for Blaire and Lauren, because we were late for Aurora’s halloween party she was having. Anyway we were walking for what seem like hours when we heard something like howling behind us. We wre freaked out because it was Halloween day. Come on, you would be scared too if you were walking around Waycobah at around midnight too!!

Finally, we found Lauren but not Blaire. Lauren said, Blaire was at Rod's One Stop. While we were walking there, we found Jenna walking with Sam. I told them if they saw Blaire, they said, "no!!". Then we got to Rod's the lights were all off. We thought that it may be closed. But when we went in, all the lights went on and people came out of nowhere, we all screamed. Because the people weren’t people, they were like ZOMBIES and half their faces were gone and some were inside out.

We were all screaming and were grossed out. It was midnight and we were all really scared then. Blaire popped out and told us to come with her. We all went to the double up room when we got there, there was a door in a corner. She told us to come in with her. When we went in, there was a huge thing that had spikes in it with a table underneath it. Blaire said, when you light the candle over there, the rope over it will burn and cut the rope and when the rope is cut the spikes will fall and hit the person who is on the table and that person will die. When the spikes go thru. Lauren’s eyes widened then suddenly Michelle came in and lit the candle then laid down on the table. We all started screaming at her to get off the table but she wouldn’t listen to us. Then in the nick of time, eve grabbed her off the table and the spikes came down and tore the table into pieces. Then we all ran out of Rod's and left the parking lot and never went to Rod's at midnight again!!!

The End.

Daniela Bernard
Grade 6

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