Stories About the School

One day kids were saying in 1978 a little boy died in our school downstairs, in the heater room. When the school burnt down they had to fix it when they were fixing it. In 1980, a little boy was playing tag with his friends. He fell in the wet cement and he couldnít get out for a long time. After that the school is haunted.
The End

One girl was in Grade 5, she saw someone waving at her she thought it was the janitor. When she turned back he wasnít there so she went downstairs to give her little sister hot dog money. So she went up stairs, she saw the person who she saw waving at her and it went in the library room and she saw the person disappeared in front of the library room. She went to see the Teachers. They didnít believe her, she told her mom she belive her, she saw someone walking by and she never saw him again.
The End

Our friend she is grade 5 she was using the bathroom when she was washing her hands the lights turned off and she saw someone behind her it looked like a Devil. Was it her or her imagination?

The End

Breanne Bernard & Radney Sylliboy
Grade 4

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