The School's Ghost

I was walking and something grabbed me. And I ran away from the ghost who try to grab me. I was too fast for it. I ran inside to tell Dalen.

He went outside to check it out. He saw nothing. Me and Dalen went outside to play. The ghost grabbed both of us and tripped us. Then we ran to Dalenís grammyís house. The ghost was following us. We were very scared. We did not know what to do. We ran back to the school.

When we got to the school, the ghost was gone. We were happy he was gone. We started to play tag with our friends and then ghost came back. He grabbed all of us. We ran all the way home. The ghost went back to the schoolís attic.

The next morning, we went to school. It chased everybody in the school. The school got burnt down and there was no more school!!!!

Stephen Paul & Dalen Googoo
Grade 4

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