The Forgotten Thing

One time, there was living things in the woods of Hunterís Mountain. It was some thing big, it was so horrible. You wouldnít even last 5 seconds to tell about it. Campers were threatened by it. One of them survived the thing. One of the campers said, I know what I saw, it was not a bear, or a moose.

Ten years later, a family came back to Hunterís Mountain to camp for a night. This family didnít know the forgotten thing living in the woods. One by one, they disappeared in the woods. The only one who didnít disappear was the mother. She ran and ran until she stopped. She catched her breath, but the thing behind her was still running. The mother ran again but she tripped on the roots. When she was just about to get up, she saw the forgotten thing. The thing got closer and closer and slash!!!

The End

John Sam Julien
Grade 4

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