There was something downstairs, but there was no one there. We heard the glass break. The fishes in the oven had their heads cut off. We saw stuff floating in the air. We think it was the ghost. He was huge as the iron giant elephant. He looked ugly with sharp teeth, leprechaun ears and big lips. His eyes were red! HE was saying, "Help Me". There was a knife in his heart. He had two floating guns. He tried to shoot us with the shotgun. We ran home.

The next day, we went there. There were ghosts singing. I think there was about twenty of them. We tried to bless them but they were too strong. I saw a bee hive on the ghost, but he didntí feel it.

They shot the bees and the bees died, every second. The window opened and more ghosts came in the house. The ghosts had knife, axe, and gun. There was now about fifty more ghosts. We ran home again and never went back again to the haunted devilís house.

Gaven Cremo & Cody Googoo
Grade 4

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