Old Man Killer

Once upon a time there was a little boy named James. He went all through the town for Halloween. He went to all the houses in Truro, except one house. It was the oldest house in Truro, but there was one man who lived there. He was very scary old man, who gives away lot's of poison candy.

A little boy went to the yard. He was scared. He started walking through the door. The door opened and slowly he got closer. He stopped in the middle of the yard and the old man said "do you want some candy". The old man said "well come and get some." The little boy did not trust him, but he went and got some anyway and then ate some.

The boy said " I don't feel good". He fell to sleep. The old man took the little boy down stairs. The boy woke up. It was dark and he saw a lot of little boys dead. He was crying. He said "help mom help". Then the old man came down stairs with a big knife the old man said time to the little boy the little boy said please don't kill me I'm a good boy. The old man said too late boy you are dead. Then five years latrer they find the boy and lots of other boys he killed. So they killed the old man for killing all those boys.


Jakob Googoo
Indian Brook
Grade 6

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