Hard Coated Woman!

Once there was a Person she was very different and she was blue. She had a curse that messed up her life and she was blue and hard coated. She was hard like a statue and she was very cold hared. She didn't care about no one she was very sad and this old women was a widow. She lived in the woods and lives off animals, she killed animals and didn't Cooked them she just kill them and then eat them. She knew a lot of magic she was very powerful she knew a lot of spells and she helped people when they had problems like they had cancer and liver problems and diabetes. She just had a book and they just had to get this stuff and then they had to mix it together and eat it or drink it, and then they would be fixed. Everyone wondered who were her mother and father but it was her little secret.

So one day these 4 girls went on the search for this witch. They went back the woods and they came across this little cabin, This cabin was very little enough Room for 2 people. This little cabin was Brown and Black and had about 3 room including the washroom. So these 4 girls went in to the cabin and they started looking around. They found the magic book of spells; No one was home so they decided to take the book so they took the book and hid it on the witch sure enough they went to the basement and it was a trap. The didn't know it was a trap so they just kept on walking. They came to a room and they went in and then the door shut, They were trapped they had no food or any thing. So they just decided to go Suicidal sure enough in the next half an hour they were dead.

So the witch came home and found the 4 girls and she eat them....That's the End Of This Story!! So If Someone Tells You To Go In The Basement Of A witch's house Never Go..... The-End

So this lesson in this story is "Don't Go In a Basement."

Brittany Sack
Indian Brook
Grade 6

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