Two Worlds

There are two worlds in this time: one of the worlds was called Spirit world and the other world was called Mortal world. In the Spirit world there was a witch and her name is Jovona. Jovona used her magic to open the portal between the worlds.

When Jovona went through she had forgotten to close the portal and the evil warlock had followed her through the portal. The evil warlock did not know how to close the portal but he knew how to open it and other creatures came through the portal. Jovona found a mortal that the evil warlock was looking for she had to protect because he was something important to the evil warlock.

Jovona thought of taking the Mortal to Spirit world but the spirits would not like that. The would punish her, till death, but she would found her sister so that they could gave him some powers to Shape shipper but her sister was in spirit world so she would have to contact her and ask her to go through the portal and come help her.

Jovona Angel and James all went to Spirit world, James got scared a few times because the creatures did there thing like Phil Jovona and Angel's friend took off his head and said hi ladies and sir who's your friend just a shape shipper.

Jovona said to angel "Angel The Mortal's name is James just like dad that's the only reason I am helping him, and plus the evil warlock is looking for him. Angel looked at Jovona "OK then we will help him and I will help you" said Angel. "Thank you angel I don't know how to thank you". Jovona said. "Don't bother". Angel said.

If Jovona did not do what she did the mortal would die and she would have been so sorry but she didn't she said to the mortal "James you are going to live with me and my sister until we can do something about you OK". "OK" said James "see ya James" said Angel "bye" said James. Years went by and past the sisters destroyed the evil warlock and they sent James back to the mortal world and said their good byes they seen him again they all lived happily ever.

Paige Pictou
Indian Brook
Grade 6

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