The Haunted House

One dark and rainy Halloween I went trick or treating. My mom took me in a truck so I wouldn't get wet. We got to a spooky house. Some say it's haunted.

I was brave enough to go inside by myself. I wanted to get candy. As I walked to the door it creaked open. I was still not scared. I walked inside and nothing could stop me.

All of a sudden a spider dropped down in front of my face. I screamed. I went further into the house and then I fell throught the floor.

I was in a secret dungeon. There were many skeletons of different kindds of animals. I got scared and looked around. Then I saw tarantulas on a coffin. The coffin popped open. It was a vampire! It chased me but I found a passage way upstairs.

I slammed the door behind me and locked it. I looked around upstairs and then stepped in sticky slime. I took off my shoes so I could get out of the slime. Then I pulled my shoes out. There were so many rooms. I looked in a couple of rooms and saw weird flowers.

I ran but the door locked behind me. I was trapped. I was scared so I looked for a telephone to call my mom on the cell phone. I found one but it didn't work. I heard the steps creaking. It was an eerie sound. I began to cry. I wasn't brave anymore. I wanted out of here!

The door opened and I covered my eyes, then I heard my mom's voice. "I was worried about you, let's get our of here!!" I ran to her and hugged her. I've never been so happy to see my mom. I will never go in a haunted house again.

Jasmine MacDonald
Pictou Landing
Grade 4

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