The Boy Who Went For a Swim

Chapter 1
In the 1800's there was a boy named johny tomes. He went for a swim at gill homes lake. Then no one ever seen him again!!!!!!! Now the year is 2002 living in Membertou. On that same day as long ago little boy's named robby, luke, cj, & kalin went down gill homes lake to make a cabin and robby said I hear a boy calling for help then they all said go look around and no one seen him from sept,11,2002--sept,14,2002. Then when he came back he was weird but no one even noticed. Then two weeks later he died. Then we all went back to gill homes lake to make a cabin we seen some one hangin from our cabin it looked like robby but the little boy's name was timmy. john joe-deen walked up to robby and lukey just walked by.after robby started walkin up the road he looked at his face hands. they were brown his face was green but he thought he was a zombie he looked in a mirror he was a robby zombie.

Chapter 2
he went home he was a zombie. Lukey saw robby. he scream so loud he even lost his voice. lukey went to the cop's named robby and the cop's. He said I saw a zombie named robby the cop says you're psycho' Man. Then the cop drove away. luky yelled aaron! aaron said what lukey said go kill shut your zombie brother aaron said zombi brother? i only have a human brother they fell into a hole luke said, what happend aaron lukey aaron lukey .logan said fight me robbey zombie and hit logan. logan pulled out a shut gun and them then logan got killed then the robby zombie cooked logan eat his lung hung his skin on a tree it was impossible to kill him now then the zombie startedd killin ppl one by one logan was the first one died dana was the second.

Chapter 3
aaron was screaming when he saw logan's skin on the tree. But logan skin came off the tree and made the bode again and then cj came back from hell and became the devil and stared killin people now there was three killers in Membertou now there is only 100 people left in Membertou but they killed the two zombies and the one devil because shot guns & bombs & nukes that killed the zombies.

The End

Robby Googoo, CJ Paul, Logan Herney & Luke Doucette
Grade 6

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