Trick-or-Treat Scare My Feet

One night a boy named Conan was trick-or-treating. He went to a house, He knocked on the door. A door opened and a man came out.The man said in a deep voice "Can I help you?" Conan said "trick-or-treat."The man dressed up was a vampire. He took Conan in and sucked his blood.

Then he gave Conan a mini sip. Conan thought it was cherry, but it was blood. He stayed a bit, and then he went home. Before he went home, the man called his mosquitoes. They went after Conan. When Conan got home, he was as pale as snow in December and full of Mosquito bites. His mother was so scared that she fainted. Conan turned into a vampire and sucked other peoples blood. And all the other people turned into vampires.

The End


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