St. Mary's Elementary School - Truro

To Whom it may concern:

Hello, my name is Beverley Hiltz and I am a teacher at St. Mary's Elementary School in Truro, Nova Scotia. I am writing on behalf of our grade 2/3 classes in our school.

On Friday afternoon, December 19th which was the last afternoon before Christmas vacation, approximately forty grade 2/3 students travelled by bus to Townsview Estates in Millbrook to present a Christmas program for the residents on this nursing home. We were very happy, as a school, to share in the spirit of giving with approximately fifty seniors who had gathered to listen to our program. The enjoyment that I witnessed on the afternoon of December 19th was truly touching. To see the joy on both the faces of the seniors, as well as the children was a beautiful sight to experience.

Following our musical presentation the students presented their cards and poinsettias they had made, as well as crossword books and treats to the seniors, that had been donated locally. This was then followed by juice, cookies and conversation amongst the eight and nine year olds who readily made new friends.

The afternoon was a wonderful way to spend the time before Christmas break. I am looking forward to talking to the children in more detail about their thoughts and feelings concerning their Townsview Estate visit on Monday, January 5th, when school resumes.

We hope you will consider our "Spirit of Giving" entry from our school and how these eight and nine year old grade 2/3 students truly gave back to their community. The holidays did bring out the best in the students and the seniors. Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to hearing from the First Nation Help Desk.

Yours truly,

Beverly Hiltz
Grade 2/3 Teacher - St. Mary's Elementary

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