Worthy Rose

Please accept this valentine rose of mine.
One single rose to represent me, my feelings for you
and how no one else could experience this wonderful
moment, so high on happiness and love kind of like
I'm high on extacy.

This rose is a symbol of my affection for you, nothing
the less.

Petals soft as silk, thorns prickly and sharp tearing
my skin as it touches it, as I try to hold it gently.
As I smell this rose I sense a touch of heaven, passion
and this other feeling that I cannot express or explain
and put into words.

I give this rose to you with all my heart and hopefully
you will accept it and understand these feelings of mine. I
mean no harm, all this is making me nervous and scared,
afraid to be turned down.

As I sit here expressing my feelings for you and offer this
symbol of love, this rose is much more than it appears.
So dear sweet valentines here is a rose for you to
keep filled with joy and pure love.

Tabitha Morrison
Indian Brook School

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