Julia was, once again, walking down Main Street with a few groceries in her arms. She was hurrying along trying to catch her favorite movie on TV. The next thing she knew she was picking her things up off the street. A man was helping her and apologizing at the same time for bumping into her. They quickly gathered all of her things and she went on her way. After being settled in front of the TV, with a bowl of popcorn in her hands, her mind started to wander. It went back to the man on the street. She felt she had to try and see him again. Over the next few weeks she went back to the same area hoping to see the man once again but never did. She was just about to give up hope when, to her surprise, there he was sitting in the coffee shop. Julia walks in and orders a coffee and donut. She was about to sit when he notices her and invites her to join him. They started talking and didn't realize the time slipping by. They both had to run but before leaving he invited her to a movie the following night. She accepted and they are still seeing each other and enjoying each others company very much.

Perry Drew
St. Anne's School

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