Valentines Day

Once there was a girl named Lucy. She was a very unpopular girl. She had no friend's except Carlos. Lucy wore glasses. She had long brown hair. She had brown eyes. She wore dresses all the time. When she was sitting in the cafeteria people would throw food at her and tease her.

Carlos was her friend. They were friends for a long time. He was just the same as Lucy. He didn't wear glasses but he had blond hair and blue eyes. He had a stuttering problem. Carlos didn't know until one day his mom told him that he had leukemia. Every day he kept getting sicker. Finally a doctor told him that he had a week to live. When Lucy went to school she noticed that she didn't see Carlos around. The teacher said "I called his mother and she said that he was sick".

He hadn't come for a week now. After school Lucy went over to Carlos' house. She knocked on he door.

"Hello" said Carlos' mother.

Lucy said, "I heard that Carlos is sick ".

Carlos' mother was crying. She said, "Come in. I have to tell you something".

Lucy sat down and asked "Is it true about Carlos?"

Carlos's mother said, "I'm afraid yes".

Lucy had fear in her eyes.

She said "I'm really sorry but my son Carlos had Leukemia"

Lucy's eyes watered. She burst out crying and she said "NO! NO! NO! NO!" She yelled at Carol's mother and said, "Take me to the hospital. I have to see him. Please".

She replied " You can't. He' s so sick, you wouldn't recognize him."

Lucy and Carlos's mother went to the hospital to go see Carlos. The doctor said "I have to go check up on him and I'll come back and see if it's alright for you to see him". They waited at the hospital for at least an hour. Finally the doctor came over to them and said they ran into some problems and he's afraid that Carlos passed away. The medicine didn't work. He needed stronger medication.

"Mrs. Ward, I'm really sorry." She took a nervous break down and started to cry. Two weeks later they had the funeral for her son and Lucy was there. She was crying and she said to Mrs. Ward "How am I going to live if Carlos is gone? Now I have no one to hang out with. Carlos was my best friend and my only friend."

Years went by. Now Lucy is 93 and she has died of "Loneliness".

Shannon Francis
Eel Ground School

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