A Very Special Day

Cupid come and cupids go at this special time

Love is in the air to share with everyone

They give with all they have and with the sport of fun

So if you don't get a valentine, don't worry cause the cupid will be looking for you and someone to share the love with

Chocolate and flowers to make you happy with cheer joy

To give you the spirit of this to share with excitement and happiness

Shot an arrow threw someone's heart and they will love you with all they have to give

This special day is called Valentine Day!

Oh how it brings light into the darkness of the world

This time is beautiful with gifts and flowers to show loves one how much you care

This is the best time the year to show everyone you know how mush you love them

People are heart broken but not for long because when the cupid comes along

They show them love and kindness with all their might

All anyone wants on Valentine's Day is to be hugged by his or her loved one, to be happy

Erica Ward
Eel Ground School

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