Love Story

It was 1996 January fourth and a guy named Jason Malley had type1 cancer. He found out in March. He told every one that he was going to die. Five days later he went to a party for his best friend. Her name was Christine Ward and she was very sad about what happened to Jason. Christine was turning 17 and so was Jason. They were best friends. Christine did all she could to help him. They spent so much time together and they grew closer day by day. One night when Jason was feeling much better Christine told him that he could get through this.

Valentines Day was coming along and Jason was still alive. It was finally Valentines Day and Jason took Christine to a beautiful restaurant. She was so thankful and happy. That night they knew they were meant for each other. The next morning Jason went to see Christine and he had bought her something special. It was a beautiful necklace. She broke down in tears of happiness. Two weeks later they both went to the doctor's to see how serious his condition was. They both waited anxiously for the results. As the doctor walked in they got nervous. He brought them into his office and slowly showed Jason his results! They jumped with excitement. He was cured!

Three years later they got married. It was the most beautiful wedding ever. Jason was so happy. He thought he was going to spend the rest of his life with Christine, but the cancer was not cured. He decided not to tell her because it was too disappointing. He did not want to ruin the best days of her life. Maybe, he thought, he was going to get through this without telling her. He could not hide this deadly disease because he was getting sicker day by day. She finally noticed that he still had cancer. They talked it out and decided to have kids before something devastating happened. Nine months later Christine had their first child it was a boy and they name him after Jason. A month passed and his condition because serious. He started taking chemotherapy and was losing his hair. If the chemotherapy were not working he would die.

It was 2001 Jason was turning 22 in four days on February, 27. He was in the hospital for three months. It was 9:02AM when they announced his death. Christine broke down is tears. She thought how she would go on with her life without him. She cried for days, then weeks became months. She finally moved on.

Torrey Sanipass
Eel Ground School

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