It was the day before Valentines Day and a poor boy named Jamey was sitting in his room wondering what to get for Valentines Day. He was never able to get his family anything for any holiday so he thought he could get them something extra special this time. He didn't have any money so he couldn't give anything to his loving family. He sat on the floor of his room and for an hour but couldn't think of a thing to get them. Then he finally came up with the answer. He could get a quick job from somewhere in the city and buy something from the mall. He got dressed in his warmest clothes and went outside. It was a long walk to get to the city from where he was so he had to hurry.

Finally he made it to the city and he started his search for a job. The city was very big and unusual to him. He seemed to be walking in circles but finally he found a "need help" sign. It was hung up on an ice cream shop. He walked inside and looked for the manager. He saw him walk by and asked about the job. The manager said that he was too young to get a job. Jamey protested saying that he really needed the money for his family. The manager said he was sorry but he couldn't. He looked everywhere he could, up and down streets, but he couldn't find anyone else who needed help. He looked around walked into the park. He sat down on the bench and thought about what he was going to do. As the sun started to duck behind the horizon, he couldn't think of anything else to give his family. He started to think that he really let them down. He let out a loud sigh of exhaustion. He was about to leave but someone sat down beside him. It was an old lady who asked what was troubling him. He told her his story. She told him that he didn't need any flowers, chocolates, or gifts to show his love to his family. He thought for a second and said thank you to the old lady and ran home as fast as he could, remembering what she told him.

The next day Jamey showed his appreciation and love to his family and had a very happy and special Valentines Day.

Elijah Larry
Eel Ground School

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