a story by Paulina Rae Meader


This is my story about Lily Potter (Evans) and what I believe happened to her while she was at Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry I have taken some facts known about her from the first four published Harry Potter books, I have added and elongated on these facts.

Note: I did not take or copy this story, I have worked hard on this story, also if you have not read the books this may ruin the plot of the third book.

The Story

It was a beautiful summer morning. The sun was bright. The flowers in full bloom as Lily woke up for a fresh new day. Lily ran downstairs and announced to her parents, "MOM!" she yelled.

"Yes dear?" her mother replied.

"Can you believe it? I'm almost done sixth grade mom, just a month left!"

"I know dear, now how about you eat your breakfast."

"Mom, I'm not hungry." She said as she ran out the door into the garden to lay among the flowers. She was as pretty and fair as an eleven-year-old girl could be, with bright green eyes and long ginger coloured hair.

Just then Petunia came into the kitchen to tell her mother that she needed a new pair of shoes because Lily has. Minutes later Petunia came to the garden to ruin Lily's day. "Hey Lily Pad guess what?"

"What?" replied Lily.

"Oh nothing."

"Why'd you ask then?"

"Come on Lily how stupid can you get?"


"Mom and dad's anniversary is a month from today stupid."


"I bet I'm gonna get a better gift than you, Lily Pad."

"That's all right Petunia."

"See you later."


"BYE!" Petunia yelled angrily because she hadn't succeeded in ruining Lily's day.

Lily got up and went to the playground which was just down the street from her house. As she sat on the swing and looked up to the sky she thought about Petunia and the things she says to her. "I wish I could get away from her, sometimes. I want to fly away or something. I don't want to go home." She said aloud as she looked toward the ground tears stinging her eyes.

The next morning Lily went to school where Petunia once again embarrassed her by yelling "Oh, Lily you do still like that loser Andrew, don't you?"

"It shouldn't matter to you Petunia if you hate him anyway, or do you?" she yelled back with her face feeling hot from embarrassment. She ran into the school and then to the girl's washroom where Anna, her best friend comforted her.

"Lily you don't have to listen to her, she's just jealous, and she always will be just let it go."

"Anna you don't understand what it's . . . " Lily's voice faded, she couldn't finish her sentence she felt a lump in her throat and couldn't whisper a word, she looked at Anna who just looked deep in Lily's eyes unable to offer much more comfort to her except to say, "It'll be all right don't let it bother you." She hugged her and Lily started to cry.

The days dragged on slowly as July 28th drew nearer. Finally on the day of her parents' anniversary she woke up and lay in bed, for about 20 minutes. At last she forced herself to go downstairs where Petunia had cooked her parents' breakfast.

"Oh hi Lily" Petunia said with a smirk. Her parents turned around to see Lily in the doorway with a smile on her face.

"Good morning" she said, ignoring Petunia.

"Lily dear, do you know what day it is?"

"Yes mom, its July 28th your anniversary."

"Lily, honey you should have something to eat, your sister is a wonderful cook you know."

"Sure dad" Lily said as she sat down.

Petunia went to go get the mail, "Hey Lily there's mail for you!" she said as she came back to the dining room throwing the letter to her. It was an envelope with emerald green writing that seemed to glow. On the back was a wax seal with four animals on each corner surrounding a capital H. She opened it to find a letter saying that she was accepted to Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There was also a letter explaining that she was a witch, how to get to Diagon Alley and on September the 1st to go to platform 9 to catch the school train, along with a supplies list. Her parents were thrilled. Petunia was furious. "Lily this is so exciting" her mother was smiling like they had got a car for their anniversary. Petunia looked as if Lily had got them a car for their anniversary.

The next thing she knew she was standing in a shop called Olivanders getting a wand. (Willow, 10 1/4", swishy) It seemed as if she was dreaming. But something was bothering her, she seemed to be asking herself the same question over and over again, "Do I want to leave my mother and father, even Petunia?" Yet she felt like her wishes had come true. Smiling from ear to ear as she continued to go from shop to shop, she couldn't believe that in a few days she would be on a train to a school that no one had ever heard of.

Within a few days Lily sat in the car heading to the station. But she couldn't understand where platform 9 was. When she got there, she saw a short man looking around nervously she asked him if he knew where platform 9 was, he did. He told her to run through the wall to his right she thought he was crazy but touched the wall just to make sure, her hand went through! She said her goodbyes, giving her parents and Petunia big hugs and then she ran through the wall. There was a train, a bright red one with stars and moons in the steam. She got onto the train and went to a compartment at the back where there were only four boys, one of them approached her "my name is James, James Potter these are my friends Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew and Sirius Black."

"My name is Lily Evans" she said shyly as she sat down. He had black hair and a handsome face, and he was very charming. Lily instantly had a liking for him. Hours later after filling herself with strange new sweets and laughing with James and his friends, she noticed he seemed to have a brotherlike bond with one in particular, Sirius. Soon they approached a very large castle that seemed magical, and this of course was Hogwarts. (And it's very magical)

They followed a booming voice that yelled "First years this way" they followed a large figure to a lake where they got into several small boats. "There'll have to be five to a boat."

"Come on Lily, please join us" James said with a smile offering his hand to help her into the boat. "Of course I will." She said returning the smile and blushing.

After the trip across the lake they walked through very large doors, where they were lead to a hall, the Great Hall. They went to the front where there was an old hat and a stool. Their names were called. James and his friends were sorted into Gryffindor, one of four houses.

"...Evans, Lily." Lily woke up from her daydreams and hurried to the stool "I want to be in Gryffindor with James" she said in her head, she was startled to hear a reply in her ear "ok, if you're sure, GRYFFINDOR" the hat yelled this last word loudly as Lily ran to the table where James welcomed her happily, he had shoved Peter over to make room for her. The rest of the feast was a faded memory to Lily all she could remember was how sweet James and his friends were towards her.

As she walked toward the common room with the rest of the Gryffindors, they were given a password. "Horse hoof" said a prefect, the portrait opened to let them inside. Lily said goodnight to James and went to her dormitory, it was empty because the other girls were still downstairs. Lily fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow, it had been a long day.

In the next few weeks she seemed to become more attracted to James, just as a friend of course. Not long after, she had made good friends with one of the girls in her dormitory, her name was Danielle. When Lily introduced her to James and his friends, Danny (that's her nickname) was taken with Sirius, she turned bright red when she saw him, "I thought you said James was the best looking." she giggled into Lily's ear. They burst into a fit of giggles, making the boys feel uneasy.

"Sorry" said Lily as she tried not to laugh.

"It's ok, ah, we got to go anyway, um class, come on Sirius." James said as he tried to pull Sirius along, because he had started a conversation with Danny (She was blushing and he was doing most of the talking). Peter and Remus had already left, they were half way to the castle before James could move Sirius.

They shared many adventures over their years at Hogwarts, but in their third year Lily noticed that he seemed to be sneaking out a lot. In their fifth year she had also noticed he had left on the full moon and that Remus was not in school for days afterward. She confronted James and asked him about this.

"Lily I'll tell you soon just wait, please Lily I'll explain. Come out for a walk with me tomorrow."

"Ok James."

"See you then Lily" he disappeared into his dormitory.

The next evening while she was on the walk with James around the grounds, he seemed nervous, "Uh, Lily?"


"You know about the sneaking out thing?"

"What about it?"

"Well I dunno how to say this but, um, well..."

"Go on"

"Well Remus... he's a werewolf." he said this quickly and looked at Lily to see her reaction.

"What?! ...I was right!" she said this under her breath.

"Well we kinda learned to become animargus. Sirius, Peter and I."

"Well I kinda suspected Remus being a werewolf, but you confirmed that. But the animargus, James you guys are breaking the law, not just school rules this time! You could go to Azkaban for becoming an unlicensed animagus James!"

"I know, but I care about Remus and having us around helps him stay calmer when he's transformed."

"Well it's not hard to believe you could pull off something like this" she said smiling looking into his eyes. He smiled at her and gave her a quick kiss as they headed back to the castle.

"Remus is a what?!" Danny said when Lily told her. After she explained what James had said again to Danny Lily said "Oh yeah, Danny?"


"Sirius asked James, to ask me, to ask you, if you'll go out with him, again."


"Hogsmeade, next weekend."

"Tell James, to tell Sirius, that I said 'sure'."

"Hey wanna go hang near the lake and see what The Squid is doing?"

"Uh, sure, but..."


"You have to invite James and Sirius to come along"

"Ok," Lily jumped up "meet me there." she ran down the stairs to the common room and found James in his usual seat near the window, she came up behind him and covered his eyes. "BOO!"

"Hi Lily." She came around to sit next to him he gave her a kiss.

"Hi James, you and Sirius meet me and Danny at the lake."

"Alright I'll go get him" he got up and ran up the staircase to the boys' dormitory. Lily slid out the secret door, down the stairs out the giant front doors and out towards the lake before James even found Sirius.

Just to get you up to date, Lily and James are very much in love by now so were Danny and Sirius. Also the boys have made up names for each other based on the animals they take on when transformed as follows, James is Prongs he becomes a steed, Sirius is Padfoot he's a giant black dog, Peter is Wormtail he's a rat, and Remus is Moony because he's a werewolf.

At the lake they played a game of tag, Danny pushed Sirius into the lake, "I'LL KILL YOU FOR THAT!" he yelled as he came out of the lake, he immediately ran after her.

"I'LL NEVER LOVE A MURDERER!" she yelled as she looked back at him.

"WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT!" the rest of them laughed as they dropped on the ground to watch Sirius chase Danny. Danny screamed as Sirius pushed her into the lake they all laughed then Sirius and Danny looked at each other, then ran at James and Lily who jumped up and ran. After Danny and Sirius got them into the lake James and Sirius went for Remus and Peter who had tagged along. They all headed back to the castle as the sun was setting, all of them soaked.

Not long after news came that Sirius's parents had been murdered by Voldemort.

Sirius was more in anger than anything. The only thing that kept him sane was his friends , especially James and Danny, they were the biggest help to him because James was like a brother to him and held him up when he felt down and Danny, her love for him helped him along every day it made something worth living for.

As the next 2 years passed Lily and James became closer and in their seventh year they became head boy and girl. One night Lily, James, Sirius and Danny lay outside on the grass beside the lake watching the stars when James sat up, he pulled a green satin box out of his pocket, looked at Lily and said "Lily Evans, will you do me the honour of becoming Lily Potter?" Lily, Danny and Sirius shot up, Lily's eyes filled with tears.

"Oh James, of course I will!" she exclaimed happily as James slipped a ring onto her finger.

After they graduated (June 31, 1978), they were married (1979), Sirius was the best man and Danny the maid of honour. Sirius proposed to Danny at their wedding. Sirius and Danny were also named the godparents of James and Lily's son, Harry who was born on July 31st 1980.

They had recently found out Voldemort was after them. They went into hiding and made Sirius their secret keeper, they had also known one of their friends worked for Voldemort and trusted Sirius above all. When Harry was 1, the Secret keeper who Sirius had convinced them to change to Peter, betrayed them. Voldemort came to their door on Halloween night 1981 in Godric's Hollow.

"LILY HE'S HERE!" James yelled as he tried to hold the door. "GO AND RUN WITH HARRY, GO! HURRY LILY!" Lily ran to him and gave James their last kiss as a tear rolled down her cheek.

"I love you" were the last words she ever said to him.

"Lily, go please hurry. Lily, I love you too, but you have to save Harry. NOW GO!" he said this holding back tears, she looked into his eyes for the last time, then ran.

At the top of the stairs she heard a thump and the evil laugh of Voldemort. He had killed James. She stopped. Her eyes stung, "he had sacrificed his life for us, and I cant let his life be destroyed for nothing." she thought as she ran to Harry's room. By the time she had got to Harry's room she heard him behind her, coming up the stairs slowly, he savored every moment of knowing soon all the Potters would be destroyed. She held Harry close there was no way out now. It was too late. The door burst open and there he stood, with a look of pleasure on his face, he would soon succeed in destroying the Potters.

"Don't hurt Harry, please take me instead"

"Get out of the way you foolish girl. I'll spare you if you give me the boy."

"NO! Don't hurt Harry, please..." her voice faded. A high-pitched evil laugh pierced the night.

"You shall die too then I'm afraid" he said with a smile as a blinding green light flashed and Lily Potter lay dead on the floor, still holding Harry.

He then turned on Harry and tried to kill him too but couldn't, the spell rebounded upon him almost killing him.

When Sirius came the house was ruined, Lily lay there untouched, cradling the air. He began to cry he started to look for something he didn't want to find, but he did. James, blood seeping from under the boards and rubble that had crushed him, Sirius let out an anguished scream. "NOOOOO! Not Lily, not James... James... my friend, my brother, everything... gone" and Harry, baby Harry still alive. He remembered how Lily, James, Danny and he spent mornings together always the same, James apologizing to Harry for his hair, laughing and joking. He picked him up and held him close, all he had left of the people he had loved most. He cried as he held him. Not long after Hagrid came along.

"I'll take Harry, Hagrid I'll take custody of him, I'm his godfather."

"I have to take him, Dumbledore's orders."

"Ok, its best, here, take my motorcycle I won't need it" Hagrid got onto it and drove away into the air with Harry in his arms.

note: this is a real plot killer for the 3rd book.

Sirius knew it was Peter and went looking for him. In a crowded street Sirius cornered him and was going to get his revenge for Danny, because she had left and fled to Canada, after hearing that Sirius had killed Lily and James. Which was what was believed because for they're close friends thought that Sirius was the secret keeper. For his parents who Voldemort had killed while they were in school, but mostly for Lily and James.

"How could you Peter? They were our friends!" his eyes filled with tears as he said this.

"I...I...I was forced to do it, you don't know his power."

"I'll kill you Peter!" he said this now with tears rolling down his cheeks. He reached for his wand, but Peter reached his first, faking his murder and cutting of his left thumb just to make it all the more believable, he killed 12 muggles with the explosion.

Sirius was hysterical when the wizard authorities arrived, they had to wipe all witnesses' minds of the incident and they took Sirius to Azkaban without a trial, for the murders of Lily and James Potter, Peter Pettigrew and 12 muggles.

The moral of this story is that love prevails overall and conquers all.

End Note: this is not the end for the Harry potter books take the story on from here.


Animargus -the art of animargi the ability to become an animal at will, an animargus is someone with the power to do so.

Azkaban - a wizard prison that is impossible to escape from because of the multiple spells and charms, along with the dementors.

Dementors - are demons of some sort they suck the souls out of humans by their mouths with what is called the dementor's kiss, they are the guards at the Azkaban prison..

Gryffindor - one of four school houses (Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin were the others.)

Hogsmeade - the only all wizard/witch community in Britain.

Muggles - are what wizards/witches call us non-magical people.

The Squid - The Giant Squid that lives in the lake on the grounds outside Hogwarts.

Voldemort - the most powerful wizard, he was/is also the most evil and unforgiving wizard, he kills all who get in his way.

Paulina Meader

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