My sweet illusion is here at night
To when the darkness turns to light
Sunlight shimmers day by day
But you continue to be too far away

I begin to believe I begin to trust
And suddenly my feelings turn to lust
All my thoughts are of you
I begin to ponder, "Can this be true?"

I never felt this way before
A broken wing continues to soar
A ripped out heart continues to beat
I never knew love was this sweet

My sweet illusion I dream at night
Until the day breaks and you are out of my sight
Love begins and it never ends
Who were your lovers are now your friends

My hand longs for your gentle touch
My eyes miss your delicate face so much
When you are quickly out of my day
My mind slowly slips away

My sweet illusion, I never saw you cry
I never saw your tear roll down and make its way to die
With the richness of your skin, you make me poor
With your outstanding trust, you make me sure

From the sky below to the earth above
You make me dizzy with everlasting love.

Killa Chaska Mitchell Atencio
Alaqsite'w Gitpu School, Listuguj

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