Valentine's Day

Once upon a time a Bunny was sleeping in his bed and then his mother had to wake him up because today was Valentine's Day.

So the little Bunny got all dressed and he packed his snack and he brushed his teeth and he went on hte bus and sat with his best friend Beaver. When they got to school they put Valentine Cards in their baskets.

Bunny went to give one to Squirrel. Bunny kind of liked Squirrel. So Squirrel said, "Thank You." Then Bunny went to Beaver and Bunny said, she likes me, she likes me!"and Beaver said, "Let's get ready for lunch."

So then the teacher called their name and then they went down for lunch. After they were done eating lunch it was home time and then Squirrel gave Bunny a card and said, "Bye." So the little Bunny went home.

Pictou Landing Elementary

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