Once upon a time there was a kid who Loved everyone in the whole world and this one day he met a young girl called Tara and it was Love at first sight and the young boy called Louie and they knew it was Love at first sight and the boy went to go and see the young girl said "Taliaq"and the young boy said "mu taliaqnuk katu kil" and the young girl said "mu talianuk" and the boy said "You speak Mikmaq"and the girl said "Yeah I come from India and I come to Canada" and the boy said "come to my house but I live in an apartment" Then the girl said "I don't mind apartments plus I live in one anyway." Then Louie said well want to go for a walk and she said sure! They lived happily ever after.

Falon Stevens
Waycobah First Nation Elementary

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