There was once a boy named Matthew and a girl named Falon.

Matthew just turned 16 and Falon just turned 14 and Matthew loved her and Falon never really liked him. But she said in her mind 'm just gonna go out with him for a few months or so she said in her mind." But matthew said "I love you"and she said "you don't love me ah?" Falon shook her shoulders like I dunno and when it came night time Matthew wanted her to sleep with him and Falon said "No." So three days passed with the answer "no"and then when Falons parents went to pick her up, Falon was hiding her neck. She thought her mother and father were gonna pick her up in a weeks time. So when Falon got home and she forgor about her neck she took off her jacket and her mother said "is that a hickey? That's it no more Matt. So Falon got to the phone and they broke up. And she said "I Love You.

Tara Lucinda Cremo
Waycobah First Nation Elementary

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