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Non-Trivial Pursuit
We're used to playing games like Trivial Pursuit. Now, we can contribute and make our own interactive quiz that is not trivial: Mi'kmaw/Maliseet History & Culture!
Deadline Friday, February 14, 2003
Eligibility Entries may be from students in First Nation schools or from Native students in provincial schools.
Prizes High School $100
Junior High $75
Upper Elementary (Grade 4 - 6)$50
Early Elementary (K - Grade 3) $50

Honourable Mention winners will also receive a copy of historian Daniel Paul's book, We Were Not the Savages.

Rules Submit questions and answers related to Mi'kmaw and Maliseet history and culture. Ideally, students will submit the questions and correct answers, along with three incorrect answers, or true/false questions.

Winning entries will be determined based on the number and quality of the questions.

The Help Desk plans to create an on-line quiz with the questions. It would be helpful to send in questions and answers via e-mail.

Resources http://www.mikmaq.com/net/default.asp
http://firstnationhelp.com/eelground/leaders (click on History)
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