1. The only Canadian tribe that ever used hieroglyphics or ideograms as a means of acquiring religious and secular knowledge were:
   a) Cree
   b) Micmac
   c) Ojibway
   d) Naskapi

2. A Federal Order-In-Council registered the Conne River Micmac under the Indian Act in what year?
   a) 1949
   b) 1960
   c) 1974
   d) 1984

3. The Samiajij Miawpukek Indian Reserve, an enlargement of a Colonial Reserve in Nfld/Labrador, was created in what year?
   a) 1951
   b) 1973
   c) 1987
   d) 2002

Answer Key:
1-b, 2-d, 3-c

Material Source: "On The Country" the Micmac of Nfld Page 154 & 171
Harry Cuff Publications Limited, St. John's NL. 1993

Trevor Stride
St. Anne's School, Conne River

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