Class Entry
Ineligible for Individual Award

  1. In the mi'kmaq star what does the yellow center symbolize?
       a) the yellow sun
       b) the circle of hope
       c) children's potential
       d) circle of friends
    answer: a

  2. Is sweet grass important in mi'kmaq culture?
       a) no
       b) yes
    answer: b

  3. How many colors are on the four directions?
       a) 6
       b) 4
       c) 3
       d) 2
    answer: b

  4. In the creation story, what was the suns name?
       a) naguset
       b) nisgam
       c) god
       d) the great sun
    answer: b

  5. What color Mi'kmaqs on the four directions?
       a) blue
       b) black
       c) red
       d) white
    answer: c

  6. What color is the Mi'kmaq warrior flag?
       a) purple, black, white, pink
       b) black, blue, pink, yellow
       c) red, black, white, blue
       d) red, black, white, blue
    answer: d

  7. Who was the first female chief of Listuguj?
       a) Brenda Miller
       b) Brenda Barnaby
       c) Brenda Jerome
       d) Brenda Isaac

  8. What is the Listuguj First Nation School called?
       a) Listuguj High School
       b) Listuguj Elementry
       c) Alaqsite'w High
       d) Alaqsite'w Gitpu School
    answer: d

  9. What does APTN stand for?
       a) People together Network
       b) Aborignal Peoples Televison Network
       c) Animals pets turtles Network
       d) A persons together Network
    answer: c

  10. If your from Listuguj what kind or Native are you?
       a) Mi'kmaq
       b) Black-Foot
       c) Cree
       d) Mohawk
    answer: a

  11. What are the four directions colors?
       a) white, blue, green, purple
       b) white, black, red, orange
       c) yellow, blue, orange, black
       d) white, black, yellow, red
    answer: d

  12. What do they say dream cathers catch?
       a) people
       b) bad dreams
       c) Evil spirits
       d) animals
    answer: b

  13. When was the peace and friendship treaty made?
       a) 1750
       b) 1796
       c) 1760
       d) 1725
    answer: c

  14. In the Mi'kmaq legends what was the name of the first man created?
       a) Jesus
       b) Inu
       c) Goluscap
       d) all the people at once
    answer: c

  15. Who is the chief of Listuguj?
       a) Brenda Miller
       b) Brian Isaac
       c) Joe Barnaby
       d) Allison Metallic

  16. What does the 8 point star that represents the four directions?
       A)north,south,east and west
       B)red,yellow,black and white
       C)north east,south west
       D)north east,south east

  17. What are the four colors?

  18. Who are the Mi'kmaq people?
       A)people of eastern canada
       B)people of western canada
       C)people of southern canada
       D)people of northern canada

  19. Did the Europeans surprise the Mi'kmaq?
       D)i don't know

  20. In 1758 the war in North America was mostly over, although a peace was signed until?

  21. What does the word wumitk mean?

  22. What did the Mi'kmaq call themselves before the the arrival of European settlers?

  23. Who were the Mi'kmaq?
       A)a group of Native Americans
       B)a group of French
       C)a group of Englishmen
       D)a group of Europeans

  24. What was the most easiest home that could of been done?
       B)long house
       C)sweat lodge

  25. What was it like before the Europeans came?
    Micmacs were studying stone tools, animals bones and other objects, they told stories of Mi'kmaq.

  26. What are the Mi'kmaq like today?
    Mi'kmaq are the same as they were a long time ago.

  27. Where do the Mi'kmaq mostly have land?
       A)east coast
       B)west coast
       C)north coast
       D)south coast

  28. When did many Mi'kmaq leave the reserves?

  29. What does aqamaw mean?
       D)white ashes

  30. What does maskwi mean?
       A)white man
       D)paper birch

  31. Where was Dr. Daniel N Paul born?
       A)the hospital
       B)a small log cabin
       C)a car
       D)a cave

  32. What did the Mic Macs put on the ground inside their wigwams?
       B)brich bark

  33. In which season did the Micmacs make their canoes?

  34. The Micmac word gitpu means what?

  35. More than 600 Micmacs live in Newfoundland?
    Answer True

  36. Which Natives were the Micmacs enemy?
       B)black foot

  37. Is it true the women were in charge and what they said goes?
    Answer True

  38. Was it true that the Mohawks enslaved the young Micmac males?

  39. Did the Micmacs fight back at one period of time against the Mohawks?

  40. How do you say bear in Micmac?

  41. In the Micmac Nation in Quebec, what is the percentage of people who speak their language?

  42. Sails were added during what period of time?

  43. What season was the maple sap gathered?

  44. What is the name in Micmac for Grand chief?

  45. By what year had the Micmacs grown so accustomed to the Europeans?

  46. When was the eighth district added on to the seven districts?

  47. Pick wich one of these goes from the 4 to the 1 in the society of the Micmacs.
       A)local cheef,the grand chef,family extened,chef of the district
       B)grand chef,chef of the district,local chef,family extened
       C)local chef,family extened grand cheif,cheif of the district
       D)family extened,cheif local,cheif of the district,grand cheif

  48. Do most of our young Micmacs speak their language?

  49. How many letters are in the Micmac alphabet?

  50. What color represents the Mi'kmaq Nation?

  51. Where did gaseous explosion erupt?
       A) Pictou Country,Novia Scotia
       B) Quebec
       D) Indian Island

  52. What word do they use describe the Native People?
       D)black foot

  53. The Micmacs where the dominant tribe of what place?
       C)Canadian Maritimes
    answer C)

  54. The grass dancing is originated from the micmac nation?
    answer False

  55. Did the natives eat at restaurants back in the day?
    Answer False

  56. The Micmacs have guns before the Europeens came to there homeland.
    Answer False

  57. The Micmacs raided villages when they were mad?
    Answer False

  58. Was the pigeon feather secret to the Micmac people.
    answer False

  59. How were the young Micmac people taught?
       A) school
       B) elders
       C) teachers
       D) books
    answer A)

  60. The color white represent the Micmacs.
    answer False

  61. What happened in 1850?
       a) The Mi'gmaqs met the Europiens
       b) The Mi'gmaq's population went down
       c) The Mi'gmaqs invented tipis
       d) A grand- cheif was born
    Answer/ b)

  62. When did the Mi'gmaqs collect the sap from the trees?
       a) Winter
       b) Summer
       c) Fall
       d) Spring
    Answer/ d)

  63. Who was Sagamore?
       a) A counseler
       b) A regular person
       c) A grand Cheif
       d) A Europien
    Answer/ c)

  64. How many letters are not in the Mi'gmaq alphabet?
       a) 16
       b) 5
       c) 3
       d) 11
    Answer/ d)

  65. When did the Mi'gmaqs reconized as Canadien Citizens?
       a) 1985
       b) 1956
       c) 1843
       d) 1801
    Answer/ b)

  66. The Mi'gmaq population is about: 20 000, How many can write and speak Mi'gmaq?
       a) One third
       b) Half
       c) Only One tenth
       d) 60%
    Answer/ a)

  67. What does the red cross represent on the Mi'gmaq's state flag?
       a) The feathers
       b) Mi'gmaq Cheifs
       c) The Elders
       d) The four directions
    Answer/ d)

  68. What does the eight point star( Mi'gmaq star) represent?
       a) The directions ( North, South, East, West)
       b) The Maritimes
       c) The Animals
       d) The feathers
    Answer/ b)

  69. What does "kji' keptan" mean?
       a) Grand Cheif
       b) Treaty holder and counseler
       c) Grand captain
       d) Camp
    Answer/ a)

  70. What is the Mi'gmaq's main colour?
       b) Blue
       c) Orange
       d) Red
    Answer/ d)

  71. Where did the Mi'gmaqs come from?
       a) West
       b) North
       c) East
       d) South
    Answer/ c)

  72. When did the hunting begin?
       a) Spring
       b) Summer
       c) Fall
       d) Winter
    Answer/ c)

  73. How many peaple could fit inside a conical shaped wi'gwam?
       a) 5
       b) 10-15
       c) 20-25
       d) 10-12

  74. What were most of their legends about?
       a) The animals
       b) Glooscap
       c)How the elders were in the past
       d) Their future
    Answer/ b)

  75. What did the Mi'gmaqs live in?
       a) A Wigwam
       b) A Tipi
       c) A Tree
       d) A Large house made of Mud
    Answer/ a)

  76. What is a wigwam?
       a) a woman's ceremonial headpiece
       b) a woman's loosely fitting garment
       c) another name for a teepee
       d) a northeast dwelling

  77. What is the original meaning of Pow Wow?
       a) a gathering
       b) corn popping over a fire
       c) a medicine person
       d) the sound of a gun being shot

  78. What are the 2 primary colors of the Mi'gmaq flag?
       a) Orange / Black
       b) Green / Blue
       c) Purple / Pink
       d) Red / White

  79. How would the ancestors get acroos the river?
       a) swim
       b) walk
       c) a canoe
       d) the Titanic

  80. Which letter does not belong in the Mi'gmaq alphabet?
       a) Q
       b) S
       c) V
       d) A

  81. What are the 4 primary colors associated with the 4 directions?
       a) Red / Black / White / Yellow
       b) Black / Green / Red / Yellow
       c) Blue / Red / White / Black
       d) White / Yellow / Green / Blue

  82. What did the Mi'gmaq use to make clothing?
       a) animal skin
       b) birch bark
       c) sweet-grass
       d) fruit

  83. What kind of decorations did the Mi'gmaq use for baskets?
       a) fruit
       b) branches
       c) dyed porcupine quills
       d) nothing

  84. Which of the following means Kespeg?
       a) "my land"
       b) "first land"
       c) "no man's land"
       d) "last land"

  85. What was wampum made of?
       a) shells
       b) stone
       c) wood
       d) corn, beans and squash

  86. What kept the ancestors warm from the winter, while they slept?
       a) rocks
       b) wood
       c) sea weed
       d) pine tree branches

  87. St. ________ is the patron saint of the Mi'gmaq.
       a) St. Mary
       b) St. Anne
       c) St. Lauren
       d) St. Jude

  88. What was wampum?
       a) a warriors weapon
       b) money
       c) a delicious meal
       d) a utensil to grind corn

  89. Who did the Mi'gmaq start trading with in 1519?
       a) Americans
       b) Germans
       c) Europeens
       d) Mexicans

  90. The Mi'gmaq homeland was traditionally divided into how many hunting districts?
       a) six
       b) seven
       c) eight
       d) four

  91. It is believed by some that the interperetation of petroglyphs show that prior to the ________________colonization the Mi'gmaq Nation used a seven point star to represent their seven traditional land districts now known as the maritimes provinces.
       a)Spanish colonization
       b)Europeen colonization
       c)African colonization
       d) Ancient colonization
    answer/ b)

  92. When was the birth of cheif Membertou?
       a) 1989
       b) 1510
       c) -BC
    answer/ b)

  93. The Mi'qmag language, Mi'qmawi'simq is an _____________ language spoken by about 6000 indians in the Canadian Maritimes particulary Nova Scotia.
       a) Iroquin
       b) Mi'qmag
       c) Algonquin
       d) Montagnais
    answer/ c)

  94. Relations with outsiders grew more complex when the Mi'qmag became involved in the conflicts between...
       a) The French and the English
       b) The French and the Spanish
       c) The Spanish and the English
       d) The Chinese and the Spanish
    answer/ a)

  95. The Mi'qmag came under authority of the Canadian Government in...
    answer/ c)

  96. What does Kji'keptan mean in Nova Scotia?
       a) Grand-Chief
       b) Grand-Captain
       c) Grand-Father
       d) Grand Council
    answer/ b)

  97. What are snowshoes?
       a) shoes made out of snow
       b) The latest Nike production
       c) Rackets used on your feet to walk in deep snow
       d) shoes that warm up your feet in the winter
    answer/ c)

  98. What is a Shaman?
       a) A religious specalist
       b) A shy man of the community
       c) A male salmon which is not edible
       d) A respected type of bird
    answer/ a)

  99. The Mi'qmag lived a bit too far ______ to be able to depend upon a aboriginal crops, they relied on the resources of the forest and the sea.
       a) south
       b) west
       c) north
       d) east
    answer/ c)

  100. When did the Mi'gmaqs use a canoe?
       a) When they needed to cross the river
       b)When they wanted to do a silent approach
       c) To collect food and supplies
       d) all of the above

  101. What type of feather is really respected by the Mi'gmaqs?
       a) Eagle
       b) Condor
       c) Duck
       d) Pigeon
    answer/ a)

  102. How many things were signed for in the Mi'gmaq treaty?
       a) three
       b) seven
       c) two
       d) eleven
    answer/ a)

  103. How many first Nations are there in Quebec?
       a) eleven
       b) twenty four
       c) three
       d) sixteen
    answer/ a)

  104. What are the four colors that represent the different races?
       a) blue- yellow-orange-green
       d) red-black-white-yellow
    answer/ d)

  105. Who in Mi'gmaq legends was formed out of sand?
       a) Glooscap
       b) Nugumij
       c) The sun
       d) The beautiful flower
    answer/ a)

  106. What did they Indians use for transportation?

  107. Did they paint on their wigwams?

  108. What did they use to make a wigwam?
       A)birchbark and wood
       B)tree's and branche's
       C)shirts and pants
       D)shoes and socks

  109. What are the four micmac colors?
       A)blue,pink,yellow and brown
       B)yellow,black,red and blue
       C)yellow, black,redand white

  110. How many days do they do the sun dance?

  111. What does the word "gitpu"meen in english?

  112. What designs are on the flag?
       A)triangle,sqare and cercle
       B)star,moon and sun
       C)cross,star and moon
       D)star,cercle and sqare

  113. What color is the micmac flag?
       A) pink and blue
       B)red and white
       C)purple and black
       D) silver and brown

  114. a great spirit fashioned an enchanting island and it is called?

  115. Was birchbark used for other varieties?

  116. What did the creater use to create the world?
       C)red smoke

  117. Who created Glooscap?
       B)micmac people
       D) Europeans

  118. Why do jimgle dress dancers dance?
       A) in honor of the sick ones
       B)in honor of the drum
       C)bless the ground
       D)honor of the great spirit

  119. What is the micmac symbol?
       A)the micmac moon
       B)the micmac star
       C)the micmac circle of life
       D)the micmac sqare

  120. What is "bear" in micmac

  121. What is a "fast"?
       A)eating for four days
       B) praying with food and water for four days
       C)praying for four days without food and water in honor of their body
       D)dancing al day in the sun

  122. What is the micmac "Listiguj" river famous for?

  123. What was the name of the first person created?
       B) all the micmac people

  124. What inspires the shawl dancers?
       D)the sky

  125. What does the yellow center of the micmac star symbolizes?
       A)children's potential
       B)the color of yellow
       C)the cercle of life
       D)the micmac star
    answer :a

  126. The red band represents?
       A) the color of red
       B)children's, grand parents , and parents, the first teacher
       C)the cercle fo life
       D)the sqare of life
    answer :b

  127. Who had seceeded in killing alonabola?
       a)Jacque cartier
       b)The Brittish
       c)The micmaq
       d)The French

  128. How long had the Brittish held Accadia?
       a)Two years
       b)Ten years
       c)Eight years
       d)Thirtee years

  129. How many micmaq had been sold into slavery?

  130. Where had the Brittishe setteled in (1620)?
       c)Port royal
       d)None of the above

  131. Who had setteled in Jamestown?
       a)The Brittish
       b)The French

  132. What did King James1 give to sir William alexander?
       c) St Annes Capel
       d)New Brunswick

  133. What reserve has the alacsitew gitpu?
       b)Eel River
       c)Eel ground

  134. What did the British do to Port Royal?
       a)Praise it
       b)Curse at it
       c)Try to flood it
       d) Burn it down

  135. What was the figure that appeared in many micmaq legends?
       c)General Custered
       d)Little big Horn

  136. What is tabaco normally used for?

  137. Who had turned the animals smaller in legends?
       a)A Cheiftain
       b)A Little boy
       c)A Rabbit

  138. What is the ensignia on the micmaq flag?
       a)The micmaq moon
       b)The micmaq star
       c)The great eagle
       d)The cross on its side with star and moon an either side

  139. What are the four colors of the micmaq cicle?

  140. What do people think Gluscape really is?
       a)An Eagle
       b)A mouse
       d)A star

  141. What is the latin name for New Scotland?
       a)Nova Scotia

  142. When the micmac hde the epidemices , how many died?
       a)3 quaters of the micmac
       b)1 quarter of the micmac
       c)none of the micmac
       d)all of the micmac

  143. Who was the micmac accompanied by when fort Wells was attacked?
       a) english

  144. Who did the micmac help in the war?
       a)the french
       b)no body
       c)the jermen
       d)the enlgishe

  145. what was the population of the micmac remaining in 1620c.e from 35,000?

  146. Wich one of these are not where mikmak live?
       b)New brunswick

  147. In the micmac pow wow who is not allowed to sit arond thedrum?

  148. what doesthe word micmac actualy mean?

  149. What how much of the micmac lost there langueg?
       a)one forth
       b)three forth's
       c)two forth's
       d)all of them

  150. where does the mikmak langueg come frome?

  151. Quil work is not mikmak.

  152. dream cathers are not micmak.

  153. what was the most common transportation used by the mikmak?

  154. when jaques cartier had dropped anchor in the chaleur bay, why did he fire the cannons?
       a)to scare the mikmak away
       b)by an accident
       c)to kill the mikmak
       d)a way of making friends

  155. who taught the mikmak hierogliphic charecters, english?
       b)cave men
       c)charls albert
       d)father chretien le clerq

  156. where did the men warriors of the sun dance get pierced?
       a)the armes
       b)the legs
       c)the chest
       d)the ears

  157. The Mi'gmaq language is mostly

  158. Sweet-grass and sage are very important to Mi'gmaq people.

  159. The Mi'gmaq language is mostly English.

  160. what did they use for clothing?
       a. birch bark
       d. fish skin

  161. What did they use to make baskets?
       a. animal skin
       b.birch bark

  162. How did the children learn if there wasn't a school?
       a.their elders
       b.animals playing
    answer: A

  163. How many days did the sun dancers dance?
    answer: c

  164. How many letters are in the mi'gmaq alphabet?
    answer: d

  165. What did they use to build their wigwams?
       a.fur/birch bark/wood
    answer: a

  166. How did they get across the rivers without getting wet?
    answer: a

  167. What color is the warroir flag? /orange /yllow
    answer: a

  168. Do you think the mi'gmaq life would be this way if we hadn't trade with the Europeens?

  169. Were there shopping malls back then?

  170. Did the mi'gmaq use guns while hunting?

  171. Did the mi'gmaq have a hospital back then?

  172. When was the scalping proclaiming made?
       a. 1756
       b. 1749
       c. 1744
       d. 1742

  173. When was the treaty of Chebucto Harbour Ratification made?
       a. 1744

  174. What does the color "megweg" mean in english?
       a. yellow
       b. green
       c. red
       d. blue

  175. What does the color "ewne'g" mean in english?
       a. purple
       b. yellow
       c. green
       d. blue

  176. What does "glousgap" really mean?
       a. god
       b. lier
       c. good man
       d. bad woman

  177. What dos the color "wapimgwe'g" mean in english?
       a. pink
       b. red
       c. green
       d. orange

  178. Who was the frist chief in Restigouche?
       a. Ronnie Jacques
       b. Brenda Miller
       c. Allison Metallic
       d. Allison Barnaby

  179. What is the correct way of the Mi'qmaq alphabets?
       a. a, b, c, d, g, i, j, k, l, m, w
       b. b, c, g, j, k, l, m, n, o, w
       c. a, c, g, k, l, n, z
       d. a, e, g, i, j, l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v

  180. How old did you have to be to get married 90 years ago?
       a. sixteen
       b. fifteen
       c. twenty
       d. nineteen

  181. What does "qalipu" mean in english?
       b. deer
       c. caribou
       d. lamb

  182. What month is "Geptegewigu's" mean in english?
       a. January
       b. March
       c. May
       d. November

  183. Does "wapus" really mean a
       a. beaver
       b. rabbit
       c. turtle
       d. heart

  184. Was the legal age sixteen to get married years ago?

  185. What does "Alaqsitew Gitpu" mean in english?
       a. flying eagle
       b. bird sittin
       c. crawling turtle
       d. jumping cow

  186. What does Glooscap mean?
       A/ evil
       B/ liar
       C/ truth
       D/ smart

  187. Who is the creator of the micmac world?
       A/ Glooscap
       B/ Earth
       C/ gisoolg
       D/ George paul

  188. What does the micmac flag have on it?
       A/ cross, hand print
       B/ cross, axe
       C/ cross, animal
       D/ cross, star, moon

  189. What does the word ''Tiam mean?
       B/ moose
       D/ bear

  190. What year is 'the pary of mohawk's story'' crated?
       B/ 1999
       C/ 1772
       D/ 2003

  191. What do they use to sing songs?
       A/ drum, flute
       B/ rock
       C/ tree's
       D/ hands

  192. Who were the first people to walk on earth?
       B/ Native Americain's
       C/ French people
       C/ Asians

  193. What does the word Gitpu mean?
    Answer/ B

  194. Who invented the micmac honor song?
       A/don smith
       B/ Gorge Paul
       C/ Kathy paul
       D/john baun

  195. Why do Grassdancers dance first?
       A/ bless and fltened ground
       B/To flat the ground
       D/ to impresse audience

  196. Is it true that the micmac and European's are friends?
    Answer/ False

  197. Is it true that Europeans traded guns for fur with the micmac?

  198. What color are the four directions?
       A/ Green red blue purple
       B/ white green blue purple
       C/ red yellow black white
       D/ green brown purple black

  199. What do micmac use for medicine?
       A/ Sweet-grass
       B/ meat
       C/ cider, tobacco
       D/ milk cookies

  200. Were is Listuguj located?
       B/ Manitoba
       C/ West-Cester

  201. Did the Micmacs and the Europeans fish or hunt sepertly?
       answer:no,they hunted together.

  202. What does a eagle of Micmacs do?
       a) fly at Pow wows
       b) make sounds
       c) to make people fell healthy
    answer : (A)

  203. Micmacs have a eagle feathers for what?
       a) to honor their ancestors
       b) make people think they could fly
       c) to make eagle be with them to protect the people dancing
    answer: (A)

  204. Did the Micmacs travel all over the world in the 18th century?

  205. What are the colors of the Micmac star?
       a) red white black and yellow
       b) green silver brown
       c) purle
    answer:red white black and yellow.

  206. Do you think the Micmacs only live in one place?
       answer:no.they dont

  207. Are the chief and counsils suppost to help the community they live in?

  208. Did the micmacs deside to do all the celbrations what other people do in America?
       answer:no,its a diffrent counties and they cant have the same celbrations.

  209. do you know that there is 50 provinces were Micmacs live?
       answer:yes because they could travel all over the world

  210. did the Micmacs creat the dream catcher?
       answer:no,a guy invented it and he was english and that the Micmacs just honor the dream catchers

  211. Are Micmacs called other stuff like what?
       answer:Miqmaq,Its the same as Micmac.

  212. did the Mic macs live over 500 years ago?
       answer :yes

  213. does the Micmacs have a bomb to blow up the whole world?
       answer:no.Russia does

  214. Witch state and how many Micmacs live in one population
       answer:of a amount of 30.000 live in Canada

  215. in 1540 did french Breton fish off the cost of Micmacs?

  216. What are wigwams made of?
       a) Sand and sticks
       b) Logs and birch bark
       c) Water and trees
       d) Leather and metal
    Answer/ B

  217. Who is the micmac creator?
       a) Gisoolg
       b) Glooscap
       c) Giju
       d) Don Burnstick
    Answer/ A

  218. What happens when a legend dies?
       a) There are no more dreams
       b) Every micmac dies
       c) All of the above
       d) Nothing
    Answer / A

  219. Who where the micmacs friends?
       a) Asians
       b) Red Indian
       c) Europeans
       d) Africans
    Answer/ B

  220. What color represents black on the micmac star when medicine is involved?
       a) White
       b) Green
       c) Blue
       d) Orange
    Answer / C

  221. How many poles does it take to build a wigwam?
       a) 5-10
       b) 10-15
       c) 15-20
       d) 20-25
    Answer / C

  222. Who did the micmacs make a trade with?
       a) Asians
       b) Africans
       c) Americans
       d) Europeans
    Answer / D

  223. How did the community Listuguj get it's name?
       a) Mohawks voted the name
       b) The grand chief Listo Gotj named it after himself
       c) Glooscap invented a word for Restigouch
       d) Elders
    Answer / B

  224. Can females drum in a drum group?
       a) Yes
       b) No
    Answer /B

  225. How was Glooscap created?
       A) Water and sand
       B) Lighting and water
       C) Lightning and sand
       D) Thunder and rain
    Answer / C

  226. Who created the micmac honor song?
       a) George Paul
       b) Cathy Paul
       c) Donald Smith
       d) Ron Barnaby
    Answer / A

  227. How many days sun dancers have to dance
       a) 1 day
       b) 2 days
       c) 3 day
       d) 4 day
    Answer / D

  228. Who is an Aboriginal Comedian?
       a) Glooscap
       b) Don Burnstick
       c) Ronlad Johnson
       d) Burnie Mac
    Answer / B

  229. What direction do micmacs come from?
       a) East
       b) North
       c) West
       d) South
    Answer / A

  230. What does Listuguj mean?
       a) Obey your father
       b) Do not obey your father
       c) Obey your mother
       d) Do not obey your mother
    Answer / B

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