1. A talking circle can last as long as:
   a) 1 hour
   b) as long as the group wishes
   c) 55 minutes
   d) 30 minutes

2. What does the eagle represent to the Mic Mac people?
   a) great courage
   b) strength
   c) vision
   d) all of the above

3. The pipe is a sacred item earned by:
   a) participating
   b) attending sweat lodges
   c) fasting
   d) all of the above

4. What is smoked in the pipe used by the Mic Mac people?
   a) sweetgrass
   b) tobacco
   c) opium
   d) all of the above

5. A pow wow is referred to as:
   a) Mawiomi
   b) a dance
   c) a feast
   d) a talking circle

6. Sweat lodges are shaped like:
   a) squares
   b) circles
   c) houses
   d) lodges

1-b, 2-d, 3-d, 4-b, 5-a, 6-b

Raven Tenass
Metepenagiag School

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