1. What are the most commonly used herbs of the Mic Mac?
   a) Burdocks, Tobacco, Sage, Cedar
   b) Sweetgrass, Tobacco, Sage, Cedar
   c) Sweetgrass, Burdocks, Sage, Yellowthread
   d) Cedar, Yellowthread, Sage, Tobacco

2. What is a medecine pouch?
   a) an offering bag
   b) a sacred object
   c) a bag that contains herbs
   d) all of the above

3. Why do the Mic Mac respect their Elders?
   a) because of their wisdom
   b) because of their vision and understanding
   c) because of their vast life experiences
   d) all of the above

1-b, 2-d, 3-d

Annabelle Caissie
Metepenagiag School

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