1. What kinds of fish did the Mic Mac hunt?
   a) whales
   b) porpoises
   c) eel
   d) all of the above

2. Where did the Mic Mac place their settlements?
   a) by the river
   b) deep in the forest
   c) by a city
   d) on a remote island

3. The Mic Mac people were first contacted by:
   a) Australians
   b) Asians
   c) Africans
   d) Europeans

4. What was the Mic Mac population in the 1800's?
   a) over 4 million
   b) around 20 thousand
   c) one thousand
   d) 11 hundred

1-d, 2-a, 3-d, 4-b

Emily Augustine
Metepenagiag School

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