1. What did the Eastern Canadian People and the Northeasterners call their land?
   a) Red Bank
   b) Mi'kma'ki
   c) Turtle Island
   d) U.S.A

2. When did the Mic Mac people first appear?
   a) 1,000 years ago
   b) 5,000 years ago
   c) 10,000 years ago
   d) 15,000 years ago

3. What was the main food consumed during the summer months?
   a) fish
   b) deer
   c) fox
   d) rabbit

4. What did the Mic Mac people do during the summer months?
   a) hunt
   b) fish
   c) pick berries
   d) all of the above

1-b, 2-c, 3-a, 4-d

Pauline Norton-Paul
Metepenagiag School

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