The Story How I Got Here

It was the year 1942 on June 27. My mother said to me, my sister Virgina, and my brother Michael " We are going to leave Grande-Le-Pair and I am taking all of you to live in your father's home, to live with your grandmother. Her name is Kitty Burke."

My father had to go and look for work, so when I left I was about a little over a year old. We lived in Grand Bank for some time and then went to Grande-Le-Pair. My father worked as a cook and then one day he left us all and never came home. The war was on then, it was a very hard time, so we packed our things and went to live with our grandmother in her house. She was a very hard women to live with.

Now today I am thankful to my mother for bringing us to Conne River.

Celeste John
Told By: Corsina John
St. Anne's School
Grade 7

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