This is a story my grandmother told me about her life in the older day. Here it is:

I was born in 1937. One of three sisters, one older then me and one younger. We lived in a small two story house. And having one bedroom we shared one bed. It was kind of comfortable because our house was very cold. Each evening in the winter we would put the table close to the old wood stove to have our supper in comfort. The winter nights were so cold. When the fire in the old wood stove went out we would cuddle together under homemade quilts to keep warm. The chimney was at the foot of our bed which provided a little heat for a while. When morning came we would hurry downstairs and gather around the stove to keep warm. After a breakfast of bread and tea we would be all warmed up and was soon busy dressing in old snow pants and rag scarfs ready for our dat outside, surviving another winters' day.

Dayna Benoit
St. Anne's School
Grade 7

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