Alone in the country!
For the first time.

When my grand father was about 13 or 14 years old , he walked into round pond to meet his Uncle Steve. He left around 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning and he got in there about 4:00 in the evening and it was almost dark . He had gone in there to check their rabbit snares. My grandfather waited for his uncle to come but he never did. By this time it was dark out, but my grandfather was not scared to stay in there by himself because there was nothing in there to hurt him because the animals were afraid of people. Besides, he had no choice but to stay in there by himself because it was to dark walk home and there were no roads.

That night my grandfather had set up a canvas tent and made in a fire. He had a backpack and food with him, so he was not hungry. At this time there was no cabins around but lots of big trees.

The next day my grandfather got up and checked the rabbit snares around the pond while waiting for his Uncle. There was not very many snares around the pond, only about 6 or 7. Later on that day his uncle Steve came and they went to go check snares. They had about 20 or 30 snares all together and they caught a few rabbits.

A Little Note From Me!

I don't know how my grandfather could not be scared in the woods by himself and he never even had a dog with him. If I was in the woods by my self I would be frightened to death even if I had a dog with me.

Susan Hill
St. Anne's School
Grade 7

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