Hi my name is Rosalie Margaret Julian. My grandmother's name is Genevieve Rose Julian. I interviewed her and this is her milestone.

Genevieve Julian was born on May 8th in St. Stephens, New Brunswick.

When she was 3 years old her family moved from St. Stephens, New Brunswick to Indian Brook, Nova Scotia. They lived in an old school house for about three years. Then they moved into a new house but it wasn't finished, it had no storm windows and it was real cold. They burned wood and used oil lamps because they had no electricity. They had to carry water to wash their hands, face, to cook with and wash their clothes with. When the clothes were washed they where then hung out to dry.

She was about 8 or 9 years old was the first time she attended school because her mom didn't want them to go to residential school. They went to school at a one-room school and they had about 26 students. It was heated with a wood stove and had an outhouse for a bathroom.

When my grandmother was 13 or 14 years old a new school was built which had 4 rooms. She went to school there until she was about 16 years old. She left school and got married.

My grandmother married Edward Julian from Indian Brook. They moved into a house that used to belong to a teacher and it only had 2 rooms. My grandfather worked in the woods cutting logs for a living. The money he made was better than being on welfare. He made about $10.00 every two weeks. Edward decided to join the Army and went overseas to Korea.

My gram had 3 children at this time in her life. Her children's names in order were Jane, Rosalie, and Ella. She took good care of her children for 14 months until he came home. He was still in the Army when she had two more children. Sonny (my dad) and Valerie.

She was a widow at the age of 24. When my grandfather died in a car accident. That was in 1955.

Four years later she moved to Millbrook, Nova Scotia from Indian Brook. She moved here because she wanted her children to be able to go places and there was more for them to do in Truro.

They still had no water or sewer and they still had to use an outhouse.

She almost got married again at the age of 30 but decided not too. She decided to stay single and to bring up her children. My gram and her family had a lot of fun. They played records on an old record player and danced to the music. They had one bike which they took turns driving it around. In the wintertime they had a sled and she would go sledding with them.

She did a lot of sewing, she sewed the clothes for her 4 girls and made quilts. About 20 or 25 years ago they got running water and had an indoor bathroom. Her children grew up and are on their own or married. My daughter, Rosalie, was killed in a car accident and this was very hard on the family. A death is very hurtful when it is a child of your very own.

My grandmother did without things for herself and bought things for the kids. She has just started buying things for her children in the last 5 years.

She has been living all alone and all her children live within 1km of her home. The are very close to her. She is always still sharing and giving to them. Her children are very close to her even though she is alone she has everything she needs and her children are there for her.

My gram has 13 great grandchildren and 18 grandchildren and loves them very much. Plus I'm one of them.

My grandmother made a hard living doing leather work, beadwork, and making Indian Headdress. She used to make leather moccasins, purse, key rings, and other leather products which she sewed all by hand. She taught courses all over Atlantic Canada to other native people hoping someone, somewhere would carry on her native traditions. She is working on an Indian Headdress at this time for Chief Lawrence Paul of Millbrook Reserve.

I hope you enjoyed my document on the life of an Elder. My grandmother, Genevieve Julian, of Millbrook First Nation. I am enclosing a letter about my Secret Place I had to write for English at school.

My Peaceful Place!

Dear Mom,

My peaceful place is real, it is at my Grandmother's. She lives right down the road from me.

My place is medium house. It is really pretty inside of it. It is like a Craft shop because she likes to make things then sell them to people.

I can hear the TV going. I can hear the phone ringing and I can hear people talking.

I can smell a lot of things like bread cooking, the smell of cookies cooking in the oven, and her famous stew cooking. Plus you can smell leather because she likes to make leather products.

I can be there and be safe and I know that I'm in a good place. My gram can be there because "She means the World to Me".

Rosalie Julian
Truro Junior High
Grade 7

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