Once upon a time in the old days

Once upon a time in the old days we used to have to carry our splits to school. While the pop belly stove was heating up we used to do our school work. We do our school work until dinner time we go home for dinner and come back 1:00 pm. We study until 3:30 pm. Before we went home we used to clean the school, we used to sweep the floor, and clean the chalk board every body had to take turns cleaning the school for the whole year. For recess we used to go home and make a slice of molasses bread for recess. We used to play some games for recess and we had only 15 minutes for recess. When we went home we used to bring water from a well. We used to have to chop wood we used to have to emptied the slop pails because we did not have any toilets back then. Our mother used to take a big pail and put us in the big pail and wash our hair in sunlight soap and when we get big enough we wash our selves. We use to wear uniforms. We used to wear white blouse and a blue tunic. Our transportation was a dory if we did not have a dory we had to walk. We used to go to mass every Sunday.

Sarah Hinks
Told by: Beatrice Benoit
St. Anne's School
Grade 7

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