Evelyn Morrison

I am talking about my Auntie Evelyn. Well, she has sisters and brothers she grew up with but not all her life. One of her sisters passed away not too long ago. She also has a twin sister but they do not look alike. Her twin sister is Yvonne who lives in Maria.

Evelyn doesn't have any kids but she does take care of her niece and nephew, Lisa and Leo Joe. She took care of them for a very long time. She had lived in the States with leo Joe and Lisa but she came back to play bingo. She goes to bingo every night because she loves it so much. Her hobbies are reading newspapers and books.

My Auntie Evelyn is 60 years old and she loves Elvis so much. She buys Elvis's stuff like calendars and other things. She is like a grandmother to nephews and nieces.

Iesha Bernard
Alaqsite'w Gitpu School
Grade 5

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