Angie Dedam

My grandma always used to go everywhere like going to sing and dance at shows. She would always like to go to the store and get some penny candies. She even liked to milk cows and her mother said that is why she likes milk. Her brothers and her sisters liked to play marbles. She lived in a nice house down the mission and when they went outside, they wore sneakers, pants and a coat. She liked to help her Mother sweep and mop the floor. They used to have three dogs, many cows, one horse and a big barn. If her brothers and sisters found a cardboard, they would slide down the beach in the winter time. She liked to play in the snow. She said that they celebrated their birthdays in their home. My grandmother took care of us when we were little and she liked to call us "little pests". She even took care of 11 kids. My grandmother didn't know what love was until she had a baby.

Nelson Dedam
Alaqsite'w Gitpu School
Grade 5

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