Linda Vicaire

I am doing an interview with Linda Vicaire, my Nanny. She was born Friday, September 1, 1944.

Her age is 59 years old.
Her parents were George Vicaire and Mary Ann Isaac.
She had 3 children: Laura Vicaire, Dean Vicaire and Steven Vicaire.
Her sisters are: Jennie Vicaire, Serina Murphy, Betty Ouellette, Margaret Knowies, Nora Vicaire.
Her brothers are: Walter Vicaire, Roland Vicaire, Gerald Vicaire and Patrick Vicaire.
She likes to travel to the States, sometimes to see her brothers and sisters.
She used to work in Maine by teaching elders how to make traditional dresses.
When she was small, she would play outside with her brothers and sisters.
Her hobbies are playing dice with her friends. The only toy she had was a ball and nothing else. We have more entertainments now then when she was small. When she was small she did not have a television. She used to live with her parents on 32 Riverside East, the old CHRQ Radio Station, but she now lives on Pacific Drive.
The school she went to is the same as now but different stuff to work with and look at.
She had 4 grandchildren: Mallory, Michael, Mitchell, Matthew.

Mallory Isaac
Alaqsite'w Gitpu School
Grade 5

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