Bernadette Isaac

Bernadette Isaac is my grandmother. She is fifty-four years old and her last name was Metallic. She was a teen when she quit school because her mom was sick and she had to take care of her brothers and sisters. She used to love to play baseball with them and they used to have a lot of fun playing different games. She went to a Catholic school on the reserve. She used to work at the phone company. She is married to Terry Isaac. Her favorite time of the year is winter because she loves getting gifts at Christmas time.

Her hobby was baseball and now it is knitting and bingo. She never drank nor smoked in her life. She had a dog and she loved to play with him. She took good care of him as well as the crow who flew away.

My grandmother has black hair and her eyes are brown. She has two daughters and two sons. She also takes care of my brother and I sometimes stay with her.

Dustin Isaac
Alaqsite'w Gitpu School
Grade 5

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