Donna Marie Condo

My grandma was born in 1949, she is 54. She was born in New York. She has two step-children and two of her own. My grandma has two brothers that I don't know at all. One of her sisters died. My grandma worked on a farm when she was smaller. Every morning, she would get up at 7:00 to milk the cows. She had seven cows. She had to go up to a hill that took about an hour to climb. That is where she milked them. She said that if she would leave one behind, it would have died because it needed to be milked. Every morning she would also cut wood and take care of the rest of the animals. She really didn't have much time to play. And her favorite place to travel is Disney World.

Carlene Lisa Marie Isaac
Alaqsite'w Gitpu School
Grade 5

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