My Grandmother's Life Story

I am writing a story of my Grandmother, Theresa Wilmot, and its about her life when she was young. She come from a large family of 16 children, six died, and they were going to be older then her. One lived for three months and her name was Agnes. The others were stillborn.

Those days were very hard. They had a 4 bedroom, with a small wood stove in the living room. They had a toilet outside and they had to run outside every morning. They had no luxury, and they had no toys and they had no water. They hardly had any food.

My Grandmother breast fed all ten children. The girls had to stay home all day and clean the house, the boys had to stay outside all the time and that was their job. When the boys had to go to the woods. The girls would have to get the water and it was quarter mile away and it was hard in the winter. Their father had a sled for the wood and they would use it to go and fetch the water, and if the boys worked in the woods for a long time. The girls would go and keep the driveway clean while the boys got the wood in the woods.

They use to have a old fashion washer, it was called a ringer washer. One of the boys got hurt playing with ringer washer and his hand got caught in the ringer washer. She could only imagine that they did not realized how dangerous it could be.

Well my grandmother took care of her brothers and sisters and made sure that they did their chores, her mother made sure that they were dressed, fed. Grammy was in charge of the household and cleaning, cooking, teaching her brothers and sisters how to clean, knitting, sewing and how to wash clothes and it was a very strict environment and they had to obey or they would get punished.

One cold winter in January her mother was going to have a baby and it was storming hard. Their was no taxi running and no ferry. My great grandfather put her on the sled and walked across the river that night. My grandmother had to watch her brother and sisters, while they disappeared into a huge storm.

She remembered a funny one, one of the boys that were longjohns and the toilet was outside and her brother ran outside to the bathroom, and when he got back in the house. He stood by the wood stove and he got to close and his longjohns got on fire, and he had to run back out and jumped into the snow, and said "Holy smokes!"

When they were younger they had to sit from the oldest to the youngest and she sat next to her father and they didn't play much. When her father want to play with them. He would stir his tea and put the spoon on my grandmother and she would jump up and do the same to him when he not watching next thing they would be starting a water fight would break out and everyone would get into it.

She remembered a bad storm, a lightening storm was starting and she had to hang up clothes line was old and she got shocked by the clothesline. But it was a little shock.

Her grandmother lived next door and her mother didn't like her much and when she got into a argument, my grandmother and her sister would have to move her bed and clothes back to her house. Because she lived at her house and she would be moving back and forth, once a week or so.

One day her father asked his mother for some money and she said she had none. She was in her 80th and she could not see well. So my great grandfather played a trick on her. He told her I have apple, oranges, potatoes, carrots, and fresh onions for $20.00 and she was delighted to buy them so she hauled out her purse and gave him the money. He told her I thought you had no money. As long as your name is Barney Wilmot I never trust you again.

Luke Martin
Alaqsite'w Gitpu School
Grade 7

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