Halloween Story

It was a dark and stormy night when a ghost came and said, "BOO!!" I was so scared I started to run and I kept running until I got to a tree. I climbed up the tree until I came face to face with a bat and I screamed. I jumped down and started to run again until I caught up what I thought was my mom. When I noticed that this was no my mom, but a statue of Peter Pan. Someone had put a costume of a dinosaur on it. This costume looks just like my mom's does. Then I saw my mom by a window in a nearby house; she was getting herself a drink of fruit punch juice. I ran over to her and I said, "Mom, you got the same costume as the statue outside." Then she said in a scary voice, "What?"

I went outside to see my friend Sally. I ran to her and said, "I saw a ghost and a bat! Come on, I'll show you. The ghost is over there, see right there, oh, the bat. Run." We got to a tree and climbed up. We saw a nest of bats and then the bats started to fly after us. We jumped and started to run again, this time we did not stop for anyone, we just ran.

Then we saw a little black cat crying. We sat down next to the cat to find out why it was crying. When suddenly, the black cat turned into a wicked witch. This wicked witch flew after us, and we did not know why it was chasing us, but we did not want to stay and find out, so we started to run until we caught up to my mom.

I said, "Mom, can you come here? We've got something to show you. Look at this hole that goblins made so they can live in." The goblins said, "It's Halloween, yes we're alive!" We ran away from the goblins and did not stop running until we got to where Sally's mom was. Then we told her what we had seen and heard. She told us to take her to where it all started, so we did.

We went back to the house my mom was at and we went inside to get a drink when someone dumps a pitcher of juice on me. I got a big pitcher of fruit punch juice dumped on my head. I got really mad. I was so mad at the person who did this to me. I went to see who set up the trap. I found out who it was. It was my friend, Sally. I got really mad at her. I fell over my costume when I was running after her. I was really hurt, the blood was running everywhere. It was getting scarier. I ran towards her when I heard Sally scream because a bat was chasing her. I thought she said, "A bat is after me, help me please!" I thought she was just fooling me so I would stop chasing her. I did not know it at the time, but there really was a goblin chasing Sally. When I looked up at where Sally was at, I thought I saw a goblin near her and I told her to run. The goblins were killing almost everyone. We were really scared it was going to get us next. We saw them running after another person so we ran the other way, so the goblins would not see us. We heard someone yelling, but we still did not look back. People were running everywhere. Somebody told us not to look back and just keep going. Somebody else was yelling, "Don't go that way! Just run!" to everyone. Nobody seemed to know anyone but were still trying to help them out. So Sally and I decided that it was best that we go back to our parents.

We tried to go to the house that our moms were at but for some reason the people at the house would not let us in. We asked them if we could see our moms, but they said that our parents were never there. We knew they were there. We started to walk away when Sally decided to turn around. When she did, she thought she saw our moms, they were, what looked like robots. We hollered to them, but they didn't seem to hear us. Then we saw a shadow coming after us. We started to run when Sally told me we should just stand very still to see what the shadow would do next, so that's what we did. The shadow appeared to go away. We decided to go after it, just to see what it was going to do to our moms. We never did find our moms that night. Then, we went to my house and locked the windows and doors after we were inside the house. We just sat there, waiting for someone to come for us, but they never did.


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