Many moons ago, long before the white man Came to our territory, a group of creatures known as the Loogaroo's roamed freely. In a small town of Flat Bay, the Loogaroo's were the kings, leaders in their own right. They made all the laws and dealt with those that disobeyed them. The Loogaroo's lived quite content and happy on their land.

After some time, ships arrived on the shores of flat Bay. Europeans set up camp and began fishing in the waters and hunting on the land. The Loogaroo's became concerned. They tried to communicate with these foreigners but what resulted were the Europeans attacking the Loogaroo's with guns. The Europeans would soot the Loogaroo's on sight and not ask any questions.

The chief of the Loogaroo's called his assembly together. They had to figure out how to deal with the Europeans because the population of the Loogaroo's was dwindling. The Europeans viewed the Loogaroo's as ugly insightful creatures. The chief and assembly decided that one of them would disguise themselves as a man and go speak to the Europeans.

The Loogaroo Chief explained to the Europeans that they live on this land and don't want to leave. The Europeans explained that the Loogaroo's were too ugly and scary and that people couldn't look at them. The Loogaroo's then decided that they would make a pact with the Europeans. The Loogaroo's would transform themselves into men but on one night of the year, it was necessary for the Loogaroo's to turn into their natural state so they could get energy to keep them disguised as men.

The Europeans agreed and every year when the leaves fall to the ground everyone dresses up and goes door to door to get the finest chocolate. This event is Halloween. The Loogaroo's get to roam the territory in their natural state. Now all mankind tries to dress up as Loogaroo's on Halloween.

Dianisia White
St. Anne's School
Grade 10

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