The Black Shadow

It was the early morning of Halloween, October 31st 2002, when I was walking with two of my friends, Karen and Stephanie. When we were walking through the meadows we could see a man walking toward us, dressed all in black. We kept talking and walking not paying any attention to the man. We all looked to see who he may have been, but he was gone.

“Where can he be?” asked Steph in a frightened, scratchy voice.

“I’m not sure” I said, “he was just right there, but where could he have gone so fast just like that? There is nothing but straight roads through the meadows.”

“Do you think we really saw him or maybe we were hallucinating?” said Steph very quickly with a giggle.

“No, we saw it, and besides, nobody hallucinates at the same time” said Karen.

We all walked and kind of picked up speed, thinking about who this may be or what he could do to us.

“Where could he have gone though? Seriously girls” said Stephanie. Now we were all very frightened and scared and practically running up the road. “Do you think we should turn around and walk back towards my place again?” asked Karen. “Because if we keep going up them dark hills we won’t be able to see anyone at all then, not even behind us” said Karen.

“Yeah, that’s true” said Steph, “well maybe we should turn back, it is 1:30am, and who knows what he may do to us.”

“Well how do you know if it is even a he, it can be a she for all we know. All we know is that they were all in black clothes” I said angrily as if I was getting paranoid.“Yeah, but still girls, we were supposed to be in at Karen’s at 11:00 and here we are sneaking out at almost 2 in the morning; and walking through the meadows at that.”

“See, I knew we shouldn’t have came, and just went to sleep at Karen’s. Now what are we going to do?” said Steph. “I’m just going to walk back towards Karen’s place girls, because I’m scared, I really am. I’ll wait at the house for you both to come back and we will call people when you come back to Karen’s, because I’m not walking toward that man, or even across them hills--”.

“WHAT?!” I said immediately, cutting Steph off so she couldn’t say any more. “No you cannot walk home now, we’ve gotten this far, let’s just keep going and stick together.”

“No, I can’t girls, what if my mom calls me at your place Karen, and I’m not there? Then she will never let me out again. You know how she is and besides, I was supposed to be in at 10:00. I have to get going, maybe someone I know will drive by me and pick me up, it’s not like I’m not going to see you when you all come back right?” She turned away and began to walk in the opposite direction.

“Fine then Steph, you big sooky baby.” I said as Karen and I walked away from her through the dark narrow road.

We walked and talked, keeping our minds off of the man or woman, whoever it may have been. All of a sudden we heard a loud scream. “That’s Stephanie!” we both said at the same time, “OH MY GOD STEPH!”

We yelled for her as we ran towards the loud, pitiful screams.

“Stephanie, who is it Steph? Who’s bothering you? Tell us who it is.” cried Karen.

All of a sudden the poor horrifying screams stopped.

“They stopped Karen, the screaming stopped. We should stop here and not go any further. Let’s just run back this way and get some help.” We finally made it to the nearest house and got some help and the cops were called.

As we gave our statements as to what she was wearing and a small description of the man, another officer walked into the house with one of Stephanie’s sneakers. “Is this her shoe?” asked the officer. “Yes it is” I said, still very frightened and scared “that’s hers, that’s poor Steph’s.”

“Well I’m sorry said the cop, that’s all we seem to find, even our K-9 dogs could not pick up any scent.”

Now until this very day, you will see a man walking through the meadows dressed all in black, and if you listen really well, you can hear Stephanie’s cries for help.

So never leave your friends and always stick together, especially on Halloween.

Shirley MacDonald
Indian Brook
Grade 12

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