Halloween Night

One scary Halloween night there were trick or treaters going around to get some candy. They had very scary costumes on. Then I went trick or treating. I was walking and a ghost went over my head. I did not know until Kyndra told me there was a ghost over my head. Kyndra and I took off. We ran to my van. My dad asked me what was wrong and I said there was a ghost over my head. We went to more houses and saw pumpkins all over the land. It was so scary. They had skeletons on there doors and goblins an there bridges. Bats hanging on strings, withes in the air, black cats were on the ground, spiders and webs were all over, and the dummies and scare crows in the yard. It was like a haunted house.

I reached my aunt's house and it was very scary because something came after me. I almost cried because I was so scared . I knew it was Laura because she came at me. Aunt Martha told me it was only Laura. I said ok, I was not scared. We left aunt Martha's and went to a house that had black cats on the bridge and a werewolf on the door. I was so scared because it looked like the werewolf was going to kill Kyndra and I. I said it is only a person, I am not going to be scared any more. I went to every house and I got a lot of candy. I went home and gave out candy to trick or treaters. I went up stairs to help mom and dad sort my candy. When I was done, I ate a bag of chips and a pop. It was so good. I had a lot of fun but I did not see a real witch. A little kid came and said there was a witch in the sky. I just smiled and gave her a handful of candies.


Chantel McDonald
St. Anne's School
Grade 7

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