A Scary Trip To The Haunted House

One creepy Halloween night in Conne River, Newfoundland, there was a house on a ancient burial ground. It was nick named Haunted House on Haunted Hill. People claimed they heard screams come from the house but it was abandoned 10 years before. Nobody went near the house, not even in the day. But one day a couple bought the house and did not know it was haunted. Everyone tried to convince them, but it never worked. When the night of Halloween came, there were screams that scared the couple. They said "They saw ghosts and werewolves outside their house. Zombies and skeletons came up from their basement."

A few kids went up to the house because they were dared. They got all the candy because they were the only ones who went to their house. The next week or so the couple disappeared.

The next year on Halloween the same kids got dared to go to the house. The dead couple answered, the kids never noticed until they said " Help us!!!". The children screamed and tried to run away but there were zombies blocking their way. The devil came up that night to get the couples souls. The devil could not take their souls because they were too kind hearted. A witch that was supposed to marry the devil said "You can't even take the couples' souls. I guess I can't marry you after all". The devil was so angry he said "I guess I will have to take the kids souls!". The children ran as fast as they could but the devil got to them so quick the y never knew what hit them. The sun was starting to rise then the devil said "I will get you next year!"

The couple was under a spell that the witch had put on them. They never knew what happened. The kids told them what had happened. The couple said "They were going to take down the house." They moved away and were never seen in Conne River again. What happened to the kids? They were all right because the devil could not find them.

The End!!!!

Conne River

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