My Scariest Halloween

My scariest Halloween was last year when Justin, Bradley, and I went trick or treating. We started trick or treating out Burnt Woods and we got at least two bags full of treats. Then when we were finished we went to my house to drop off our bags and get some more, but this time I got a pillow case because it was bigger than just a normal Halloween bag. Then we started our journey down Conne. As we got to the bridge at Deep Cove Brook where my Pop lives, we heard something .It sounded like it sounded like wet footsteps coming from where the brook went into the woods. Then it sounded like it was coming up over the bank. Justin said "I'M GETTING OUT OF HERE!!!" he took off running and Brad was right behind him. I didn't leave. I wanted to see what it was. It was only when it started reaching out to me and calling my name when I got really freaked out. I took off running and screaming, "IT'S A GHOST, IT'S A GHOST!!!!". The thing started running too. Justin and Brad were gone up to the house on top of the hill. When I got to the hill the ghost stopped and disappeared. My friends asked me what had happened. I said"It was a ghost and it chased me." They laughed and said,"That wasn't a ghost,"they said "It was Georgina's dog" she said she had it off it's leash. Then all of a sudden they saw it . It was by the rails of the bridge looking up at us. It was the ghost. My friends started to quiver and the running started again. Justin, Brad, and I were running down the road to Partridge Point, one of the most haunted places in Conne River. I don't really know what it is haunted by but I think it is haunted by some people that were buried there. My friends, and I walked by there until we got to the dark part where the trees made the road shady, and then we started seeing things it looked like people were running down and across the road and then I said" Guys is that you" They said,"No, were right beside you."They said, "It's probably just some other people." But then Brad tripped up and fell into the ditch and got mad at Justin because he was closest to him when it happened. But Justin was just eating his candy since we got into the dark, so Brad jumped out of the ditch as fast as he could and then we got out of the dark part of Partridge Point. When we got down Conne, to my nan Jeddore's house, we got something to drink and got my treats from her house.

After we were finished down Conne, we had at least had four bags full of treats. Then we went down bottom and got at least two more bags full, so then we walked out to my nan Jeddore's and dropped off our bags.Then we thought about it..... that we had to walk all the way out Burnt Woods past Partridge Point and Deep Cove Brook.

The End... Till Next Halloween

Collin Benoit
St. Anne's School
Grade 7

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