A Halloween Story

One Halloween night my friends and I, Kristien, Susan, Rachel, Donna-Rae, and me, decided to walk from house to house, and everything was going fine. None of us were tired and our bags were almost half full of candy.

There was something mysterious about this one house none of us had ever seen before, so, we decided to skip it. But just as we were walking away a long rope shout out from the large, creepy house and tied around each of our legs and pulled us into the dark house.

We were pulled into the house by ropes. Once we were inside the house we looked around and it seemed to be deserted. It was dusty, cold, and very, VERY dark, not to mention creepy. We went on and looked around. On the main floor it was dusty, dark like I just said. We searched around a bit and in a couple of minutes Susan was gone. We looked around for Susan, but we couldn't find her. IT was like she disappeared or something.

We got freaked out so we tried to leave but the doors were locked. We were stuck in this house forever!

We started to panic so we sat in circle and thought it out, besides if we didn't sit down I think Donna-Rae would have fainted.

We were looking for open windows and I glanced over at the one that Kristien was going to try and open and I screamed. She said "What, What, What?!" and I said "there's someone in that window!". Then it slowly faded away and nobody else got to see it.

Then we started looking on the top floor. We still had an eye out for Susan just in case, and we also thought that is was kind of bad to keep her in the house alone. We went out on the balcony and saw a graveyard with all these dead people. We all turned around and Kristien was missing as well. We were all wondering where she went.

We got so far and I fell in a huge hole. I looked around and there was Kristien and Susan. "Where did you guys go!" I said. "And where are we". "I think we are in some sort of cave, hole like thing" Susan said. "Well we gotta find a way out" Kristien said. We started pushing on walls and we must have hit a trap door, and we fell through. We landed right in front of the others. We decided that we had to stick together. We found an open door and walked out. We told everybody about the house and what happened. After that we never walked around that house again.

Dayna Benoit
St. Anne's School
Grade 7

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