Friday the 31st

Once upon a time, on a dark, dark night on Friday the 31st. Eight kids went trick or treating. They were Ian, Justin, Collin, Nathan, Dayna, Chantel, Rachel and Kristen. No one believed in Jason X, Jeppers Creepers, Freddie Krugger or Big Blue monsters that eat people, but, after that night they did.

They started at the end of town and after they finished, they went to Justin's house to stash their candy. They heard a knock at the door. Chantel answered it. Jason was there and he sliced her head clean off. When she did not come back the others wondered where she went so they all took her share of the candy. "It's Jason" shouted Collin. Then they ran and ran. They saw Chantel's head on the floor and ran outside in the woods. They were all scared out of their wits. Crack! Crack! Crunch! They heard someone in the woods. It was Freddie. No one could believe it. Ian shouted "what the heck is going on here"? Justin said "who cares, run"! Susan was so traumatized, she could not move, so Freddie chopped her up into little pieces and ate her. Everybody ran as far away as they could. They went into a corn field where they saw a scare crow. It was moving and it jumped and attacked. It was Jeepers Creepers! It ate Kristen and left. They ran. They thought that they would be safe at the Band Office. Then when they go to the parking lot, a big blue monster ate Nathan. They had to stop this madness, so they used Dayna and Rachel to lure the creatures to the school where they tons of dynamite stored underground. Just to make sure they killed the creatures, Justin, Ian and Collin each had a rocket launcher. When the creatures appeared, they killed the girls, but while they were doing that the boys were ready. Ian shouted "fire in the hole!" They used the dynamite to blow them up. Then the boys fired the rocket launchers to make sure they killed them.

The End.

Ian Benoit
St. Anne's School

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